Kimono Lantern Mermaid Update

Isn’t she pretty? Once I got started on her eye, there was no turning back, before I knew her entire face was stitched up!  I considered working on her neck and shoulders next but realized that the whole stick and carrot motivation system works well for me. So rather than working on more solid areas I decided to work on her kimono some more. I’ll be working on the bottom half of the peice for a while, starting at the right. Once the confetti starts getting to me again, I’ll return to her neck and put in some time working on easy solid stitching.

Kimono Lantern Mermaid - 052814


Before that can happen though, it’s nearly the end of May and I’ve not even started an ornament yet, never mind finish it! I’ve decided to work on Ephinea’s Snowflakes by Beehive Needleworks. It’s a simple single color piece that I should be able to stitch up quickly. I’m working on it in DMC cotton floss in 816, stitching 1 over 1 on some tea dyed 32 count linen I have. This should make for a lovely delicate little piece that will look nice finished into a pillow style ornament, maybe with a bit of matching fabric sewn to the bottom to make it slightly larger. I’ll decide on that once the cross stitch is done. Keep an eye on this spot for an update in a couple of days!


I’m being watched!

Kimono Lantern Mermaid - 052514


Now that she has an eye, this lovely lady has been giving me rather reproachful looks every time I pick up the TV remote to watch yet another movie on Netflix rather than spend my time stitching. She keeps reminding me that she’s over a year old now, and she’d like to be completed some time soon. She and I are going to be spending some quality time together from now on, I am sure of it.

Meet the Mermaid

Since this blog is brand spanking new, I’m going to have to introduce my WIPs to it one at a time as I work on them. Up today is my main focus piece, the one I work on most of the time.

Isn’t she pretty? I’m not normally a fan of fantasy artwork, but something about this image just grabbed me from the minute I saw her. I’d been searching the HAED website for weeks – I knew I wanted to stitch a HAED style pattern for the longest time, but none of the pieces were grabbing my attention in that ‘must have NOW’ type of way until I saw her. I knew I was a goner! So I snagged her, bought the floss and got started.

Now I’m not easily intimidated when it comes to crafting, but I had NO idea what I was in for when I started this. It’s a Quick Stitch pattern I said, how long can it possibly take? Apparently a year at least. I started her in April of 2013, and am  still far from being done!

Here’s where she stands as of today.


The flowers across the top of her kimono are so full of confetti that they’re seriously kicking my rear. I consider it a great day if I can manage to get 200 stitches done in a day. But the end result is so pretty that it is worth every painstaking stitch! I’m hoping to make some serious progress on her over the next few months. I’m not sure if I can manage to finish her by April, but I’d like to try!