The Start of a New Sock

Well before I was a cross stitcher, I was a knitter. In fact, even though these days I spend more time cross stitching, I would have to say that yarn, spinning, and knitting are my true loves. That said, for the last many many months I just haven’t been feeling the knitty vibe. But recently I’ve caught myself petting some of my yarn, and realized maybe it’s time to cast something on. So I dug through my rather considerable stash and came up with this yarn that I kettle dyed many many moons ago when I did a lot of that sort of thing.


Lovely squishy soft merino in shades of green. That photo just doesn’t do it justice as it’s a rather grey rainy day here.  I wanted to find a pattern that would show off the subtle variations, while being interesting to knit. A quick search and I came up with a sock pattern called Semki.

I think it will be just right. Not too simple that I get bored, but with just enough going on that I’ll enjoy dipping my toe back into knitting.  I’m casting on as soon as I hit Publish on here, so stay tuned for update pictures!