Baby Sampler – start of a new project





I mentioned in my last post that I was starting a new to me project. However, it is not a new start. What does that mean? Simply that I am finishing a piece for someone else. I was recently contacted by someone who was looking for a stitcher to finish off a baby sampler that she had started for her soon to be born grandchild.  Last week I got a package in the mail with her partially completed cross stitch, the remaining floss, and pattern. Here’s what I was going to be stitching on:



It’s a sweet little baby announcement sampler – Dimensions Baby Drawers Birth Record. I’ll be stitching all the little stuffed animals, finishing up any remaining back-stitch, and then mailing it back to the proud grandmother who will add the name and date of birth of the baby when it is born.

This should be a fun and relatively quick stitch. Which is good because I’m not doing it once but twice! Keep an eye on here for updates!


One thought on “Baby Sampler – start of a new project

  1. I love this sampler, Dimensions and Janlynn do some really beautiful designs for birth announcements. It looks like it is going to be gorgeous already, they are always such stunning colours which make them so fun to do as well 🙂

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