January Stitching from Stash Report

Sometime in December I came across the 2014  Stitch from Stash Challenge on Epic Stitching. The idea is that rather than rampant uncontrolled spending in 2014, we give ourselves a monthly budget and stick to it. This isn’t one of those no spending at all type challenges, but rather one that encourages us to keep to a budget – which in this case is $25 a month. I think this is a great idea – it makes us stop and evaluate each purchase to make sure that we really want it and are going to use it, rather than spend for the sake of spending because Ohh Pretties! There are a number of exceptions to the rule – and money received as a gift is excluded from the budget.

Jan2013 Stash Enhancement 01Jan2013 Stash Enhancement 02 - FabricSo.. what did I buy in January? JoAnn was having a sale on floss at the start of the year, so I took advantage to buy floss for a few upcoming projects that I have planned.  While I was in JoAnn,  I wandered through their fabric department and found several bolts of linen. I have no idea if these linens are evenweave or not, but I bought an 8 inch cut of a few different fabrics to play with. One of these days I’ll actually pin them down and count the threads per inch to see how close to square they are and do a bit of test stitching to see how well they will well for cross stitch. From top to bottom is a brown slightly slubby linen, a red and ivory smooth linen, and a pure white linen.

So, what did I end up spending in January? My total for 4 cuts of fabric and about 30 skeins of floss came to $20.41. However, I paid for it using part of a gift card I got for Christmas, so I’m still sitting at $0 out of pocket for the year! And I still have a balance left on that gift card, as well as a Michaels gift card that I’ll use later in the year when I need more supplies. So all things considered, I’m off to a great start here!


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